It Is Okay to Slow it Down at Dinner, but Don’t Kill the Vibe!

As a wedding DJ in Charleston, SC, we have seen it all and done it all! Most wedding receptions come with a certain expected level of formality, but hey,

As a wedding DJ in Charleston, SC, we have seen it all and done it all! Most wedding receptions come with a certain expected level of formality, but hey, it is your day. We understand that you might have to cater to certain powers that be, but you have the power to dictate the vibe of your party! We have perfected the process of slowing it down when we must, but not to the point of killing your dance party!

Contrary to Popular Thought People Don’t Like to Eat with Elevator Music

Somewhere along the way, DJs got the impression that the music during dinner has to be soothing, like Muzak. We aren’t sure when it became traditional or how the notion got started, but we believe that the dinner is where it all gets started. No one is going to develop heartburn from upbeat vibes during their eating’ in fact, you are going to get them through dinner faster and out on the dance floor sooner by keeping it upbeat instead of killing it!

You Choose Your Dinner and Dancing Music

Most DJs just put their records on autopilot the minute dinner begins. Sure, you want to have some interruptions so that the bridesmaid and best man can toast the couple, but that shouldn’t put people to sleep. We believe that short and sweet is the way to go, and as soon as the formalities end, we are right back at it. There is no reason to put the celebration on hold for an hour or two. People came to party, and that is what we intend to do. We aren’t going to just hit the 70s track and tune out while you eat – we are going to keep the vibe going from start to finish!

It is All You All Day!

We believe that you should get the music you want from the moment you say “I do” until you drop the mike and the bride and groom have left the building. Your musical taste and selections don’t take a hiatus so people can sit and be bored to death! Your wedding ain’t about eating; it’s about getting crazy-assed crazy! You hired us to light it up, so we make sure you are lit – not lulled to sleep. Dinnertime should also be a time to celebrate, which means background music that is in tune with your tastes. People can taste the food and enjoy it no matter what music we have, so why put everything to rest while the food is being eaten?

Taking the Formal out of Formalities

Back in the 90s, things lightened up slightly when the bride and groom added their own jazz to walking into dinner with an announcement and lights, but it shouldn’t stop there. Your wedding can be both traditional and fun-laden – you don’t have to choose. We won’t blast our jams to the point that people can’t hear each other talk, but we can find a happy medium where you and your guests can celebrate and eat. After all, isn’t that the whole point of your wedding from start to finish?

It is your day, which means that you get to set the tone and choose the “vibe.” Sure, you want some formalities and traditions to be honored, but that doesn’t mean that they have to rain on your parade. At Book Drop the Mike, we’ve got you covered from the minute you say “I do” to the end of your celebration. We know how to find that perfect balance where you get to keep the vibe going. Contact us today to discuss how we can kill it together – not kill the music by taking a two-hour dinner break!