DJ Doesn’t Stand for “Dude” – Why Women DJs Rock

Some occupations are typically more saturated with one gender over another, and disc jockeying is one of them.

Some occupations are typically more saturated with one gender over another, and disc jockeying is one of them. Traditionally, most DJs are dudes, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t rock it out just as well. At Book Drop the Mike, we believe that women are powerful motivators who inspire, get the party going, and can get the masses out there on the dance floor shaking it. If you are looking for the best women DJs in Charleston, we’ve got them right here, ready to crush it!

The Benefits of a Woman DJ

Hate to say it, fellas, but let’s face it: women are, well, more intuitive. They are also more apt to be intuitive about a crowd and what they want. When it comes to a woman tearing up the dance floor, there is something super sexy about a female DJ who can hit the songs just right, rally the masses, and engage everyone to get out there and show their style. Women tend to be the party pleasers, and that doesn’t always mean they have to play backup or duet; they can shine all on their own!

A Woman’s Intuition

Okay, if we want to be honest, women can typically sniff out a mood or vibe a mile away – perhaps even before the wedding party gets a whiff. When you hire a female DJ, she often stays ahead of the curve, which means looking around to see if someone is being a wallflower or hanging out on the sidelines. They can also tell when the music needs to ramp up and get the beat going. No offense, but women are sometimes just better at reading a room, all the way from the back corner to front and center.

They are Approachable

It isn’t that guys aren’t approachable; it’s just that they can be somewhat intimidating when they are spinning records and in their zone. Women can sometimes be more open to communication and multitasking on what they are planning and what people are asking for. Some guests are more comfortable giving requests to female DJs than to male DJs. I mean, at Book Drop the Mike, we are all awesome and very open to feedback, but it is a societal thing, y’all! Ladies are just where it is always at!

Some Can Take a Gentler Touch

Some events call for hardcore, and some need more of a medium-core. Women usually have softer, sweeter, and sexy tones to their voices that can make the room melt, while also getting everyone revved up. For events and weddings where you want a gentler voice and appearance, a woman’s touch might be just the thing.

Our Own Female DJs

Erin Elyse

Although she’s not a Southern Belle, Erin is definitely the Belle of any ball she stirs up. Originally from Seattle, Erin has been stirring up the dance floor across the South and beyond since 2013. Known as the “Wonder Woman DJ,” she is the DJ you call up from the bench when you need a heavy-hitter. Her vast and amazing talent allows her to get it going on any floor, from nightclubs and private events to weddings and corporate get-togethers. With over a thousand events under her belt, she caters to a diverse crowd to match everyone’s tastes and puts a little of everything in the mix. When Erin “brings it,” she brings high-energy enthusiasm that gets the dance floor poppin’!

Rebecca Stephenson

DJ Rebecca is no slouch, musically speaking or otherwise. She studied Commercial Music Production at Utah State University, with a minor in vocal performance. She has been an active producer and performer in many different aspects of live entertainment for over 10 years. Her list of skills are vast and varied including, audio engineering, live bands, DJing, singing and dancing, karaoke, trivia, and so much more. You can say she is a “Masters of Ceremonies”. Currently she resides in the Charleston area DJing and performing in bars, restaurants, private parties and weddings!

Diversity is the best way to live every day, in every way. When it comes to DJs, traditionally, men rule the mike, but at Book Drop the Mike, we think everyone with talent should make it rain. Our women DJs add a special touch that makes us the ones to watch, hire, and enjoy. This is our shout-out to fab females in the music industry: thanks for bringing it to every event, every time! Make sure to reserve your date with one of our fantastic females today!