Edutainment: Why Luxury Has No Price – It is a Commitment to Quality and Detail

What is edutainment, you ask? It is where education and entertainment collide, and I am here to edutain you.

What is edutainment, you ask? It is where education and entertainment collide, and I am here to edutain you. Let’s be for real: not everyone has an unlimited budget when it comes to their wedding spending. The real key is to temper what you can afford with what you can live with. Your wedding day is just one day out of your long life. It is one of those things that you should splurge on, but not across the board. As the cost of living goes up, we understand that belts have to be tightened, but don’t cut off the fun at your wedding by going cheap on the entertainment. Remember, in the entertainment world, just like in the real one, you get what you pay for!

“You Get What You Pay For” Might Not Be So Entertaining!

We all have to put limits and priorities on the things that we want, but when it comes to something as critical as the music and entertainment at your wedding, there is no way to monetize it. Sure, you can hire someone who will show up and press “play,” but I ain’t playing when I say you are going to end up with a fraction of the fun you should have. We all know that luxury isn’t about a price tag; it is about a commitment to quality and detail. If your entertainer don’t got that, they got nothing!

At Book Drop the Mike, We Are It – All Wrapped Up in One!

Most DJs are just that: DJs or disc jockeys. Do you know why they are called disc jockeys? Because they ride albums around in a circle, getting to the end and starting again. We aren’t disc jockeys; we are entertainers. But we don’t stop there. The other list of positions that we commonly add to our job descriptions are:

  • Wedding Planners
  • Traffic Cops
  • People Wranglers
  • On-Site Organizers who Pivot to Accommodate
  • Doing the Organizing and Hosting

10 Professionals in One

Now the way that I see it, we are like 10 professionals in one, so if you are expecting a discount, then that is what you will get: a discounted service. Knock all of the things we do off the list and it isn’t just about decreased fun; it is about chaos, lots of sitting around with no direction, and WAY more work on your part. Sure, you want to get your guests dancing, but that ain’t your job. Your job is to worry about having fun yourself, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Do DJs Cost So Much?

Well, if it was just about spinning records, I suppose it would cost very little. But we take pride in what we do and there is no price tag you can put on how hard we work, how much we care, or how truly contagious our spirit is, not to mention our awesome equipment upgrades. When it comes to Book Drop the Mike, we are:

  • Emotion
  • Connection
  • Perception
  • Moment
  • Memory

Now y’all tell me how much that is worth because we know we’re priceless! If you are going to skimp on the wedding budget, don’t take it out of your entertainment. That is our edutainment for today – we provide you peace of mind and there ain’t no cap on that. Make sure to reserve your date today !