Meet the Team

Meet The Team


Drop the Mike Productions are party-starting, hype-men and women—get on the floor everybody (yeah, even Grams!) or “club style” DJs. We offer you the expertise of over 15 years of DJing. You are choosing a “Land Rover” entertainment group versus a “Kia” one! Meet our squad below!

Meet Drop the Mike Productions Team
Meet DJ Miketech

DJ Miketech

Your guest will only talk about the food and the DJ!

If you’re not ready to party your ass off, then Dj Miketech is probably not the DJ for you! The Charleston, South Carolina native has over 15 years of nightclub, weddings and private event experience. He wants you and your guests to pop, lock and drop it, one-two-step, and electric slide all night long. From Whitney to Lil Wayne, the “party starter" adds that atmosphere of “busting a move" to any event.

Meet Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor

Party With No Brakes

Who remembers the last boring party they attended? Kevin Taylor, the 29-year-old Charleston Native, doesn’t believe any party, especially wedding parties, should be boring. Having Djed parties on two different continents, DJ KT is pouring gas on your party from the 1st beat drop. Can we please get the bride and groom a blow torch please!

Meet Mr. Lecque

Mr. Lecque

Pierre Lecque a.k.a. Mr. Lecque is the captain of the party!

He’s been in the entertainment business for fifteen years. First starting as a dancer and now adding Djing to his repertoire. He is passionate about his craft by studying and practicing every day or every chance he gets. Being in the United States Navy, his attention to detail and professionalism makes him one of the most entertaining and beloved entertainers in the business. With the dancing side of him, he is never afraid to get on the dance floor and teach bridal parties a choreographed routine here or there. The DJ side of him loves keeping the party going. Coming from a musical background, Mr. Lecque knows his music and loves seeing the crowd dance and sing songs while on the dance floor. Having a great time at the party or reception, Mr. Lecque is your guy to hire and help share the memories of having one of the best parties you’ve ever had.

Meet Erin Elyse

Erin Elyse

DJs are Superheroes too!

From Seattle WA, This “Wonder Woman DJ” has been a part of the entertainment industry since 2013. She is known as the crew’s superhero DJ – saving one wedding at a time. The Bicoastal DJ/MC has expanded her powers into weddings, nightclubs, private and corporate events. She has entertained over a thousand events with her diverse ability to blur genre lines and intuitively craft an experience that connects deeply with each crowd. Under Drop the Mike Productions, DJ Erin Elyse brings life to every event with a captivating, high-energy performance, and without a cape!

Specialized Wedding Djing and Party Genres

  • Top 40
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • Spanish/Latino
  • Karaoke
Meet David Schwartz

David Schwartz

David Schwartz is a multifaceted DJ/MC from Seattle Washington. He got his start DJing house parties in the Greek System, and eventually transitioned into playing clubs, bars, and private events. 7 years later, David (Orion) has performed at hundreds of events across the Pacific Northwest and Southeast. Now a sought-after destination Wedding and Event DJ, his affinity for music and travel has propelled him from Washington to Hawaii to Charleston and beyond. David loves to blend unexpected genres and decades together – his passion for music and DJing is always reflected in his sets whether playing a wedding, nightclub, bar mitzvah or corporate event.

Specialized Wedding Djing and Party Genres

  • Top 40
  • Electronic Dance Music
  • Hip Hop
  • Bar Mitzavh
Meet Juan Spencer

Juan Spencer

Juan Spencer is the “Wedding Jack of all trades.“ This Vibe Conductor plays all genres but is especially fond of Hip Hop and EDM. He began to DJ in late 2014 on the campus of USC-Aiken and has loved the craft ever since. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Juan has been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and musical styles (including Reggae, Jersey club music, Latin, and African). His versatility and diverse musical knowledge enable him to connect easily with any crowd.

Specialized Wedding Djing and Party Genres

  • Top 40
  • Spanish/Latino
  • Hip Hop
  • Reggae African
Meet Clife Estores

Clife Estores

Clife Estores is our Bilingual DJ/MC extraordinaire! The curator of “Modern and Boujee” believes each couple deserves an amazing and unique experience on their wedding day. Born and raised in the Philippines, Clife is known for his sense of humor and his fun-loving personality. His love for music and travel has taken him from the heart of midwest Iowa to Charleston. The DJ that’s going to dance, sing along and make sure every single wedding guest feels his unmatched energy!

Specialized Wedding Djing and Party Genres

  • Filipino/Asian
  • Top 40
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Country

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