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Whose Day Is It? Yours! Drop the Mike is a MUST-Choose Wedding DJ in Tampa, FL!

For many, their wedding day is one that they have dreamed of their whole lives, but that doesn’t mean their dream is full of string quartets. If you are a semi-traditional couple that wants a music option that is not your average wedding DJ in Tampa, we are the clear choice! You only get one day for things to be all about you, so make it the best! Your wedding day isn’t your day to play nice – it is your time to play and have fun. So let us heat things up and light it up while you bump and grind the night away!

Where Club Meets Wedding

Unlike other wedding DJ services companies in Tampa, FL that are all about making announcements and keeping the rest under wraps, we are here to let the cat out of the bag. Our talented crew is where the club meets the wedding reception – we bring it! At Drop the Mike Productions, we understand that just because you might want to wear white doesn’t mean you can’t get a little dirty. Our mission is to let the wild side out and get everyone out on the dance floor!

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Your Nuptials Aren’t for Anyone But You

Hey, we get it – the wedding might have aspects that are directed at family and friends, and that is what the formal ceremony is about. But the celebration part is all for you, baby! We put on a show so you don’t have to – so let Grandma say goodnight early and you can get busy. Chances are that she will be looking for an exit early anyway, so don’t plan your entire fun time around her and her generation. Don’t get me wrong – we are so awesome we typically get the older crowd out of their comfort zone, too. We’re just saying keep it real and keep it all about the two people that matter – you and the love of your life.

Wedding DJ Tampa FL

Speaking of Loving Life!

We are the beat droppers when it comes to Tampa, FL wedding DJs. What exactly does that mean? We aren’t stale name-droppers who bore you to death; we hype things up to not only get the party going; we keep it going well into the morning hours. Our “club-style” approach to wedding music will have everyone doing the Electric Slide or twerking – hey, we don’t judge! Our 15 years of experience have taught us that in the end, when the lights go out and the music stops, all you have are your memories. Make sure those memories are full of all the things you love the most – music that evokes feeling and feeling it all night long!

We Might Not Be for Everyone, But We Are Good with That

Hey, this ain’t a popularity contest; we believe that our style isn’t for everyone and we are totally cool with that. If we don’t feel like we are a good match, we have no problem referring you to someone who we feel is. In the end, we want to see you smile, you want to see your party smile, and you definitely want to see your honey smile. Our goal is to push the envelope as far as you will let us (and maybe a little beyond, depending on how the night goes). Contact us to be your wedding DJ in Tampa, FL today, and let’s get lit on your big day!

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