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Whose Day is It? Yours! Drop the Mike is a MUST-Choose Wedding DJ in St. Pete Beach, FL!

Unlike other wedding DJs in St. Pete Beach who aim to please the masses, we aim to light things up. Our mission is to get the dance floor hopping and have you out there bumping and grinding the night away. The ceremony is where tradition should reign, but the dance floor is where dollar bills should. We have an entirely unique approach to weddings – we are where club meets wedding. Just because you wear white doesn’t mean you can’t get a little down and dirty! We want to unleash your wild side and take the entire wedding along with you for the ride of your life!

Your Nuptials are All About You!

I get it – Grandma might not like that loud and pulsating music, but it isn’t really about her. Chances are good she will be looking for an excuse to find the exit when the sun goes down, which is when we are just coming out. So don’t let her guide your wedding celebration. The only people you have to worry about pleasing are you, yourself, and your new spouse – that’s it in a nutshell! We want you telling your kids and their kids about the night y’all lit up the dance floor and let it all loose. Twerking is something you might not want on video, but it is definitely something you want to get out of your system! We won’t put the brakes on unless you ask us to, and it might take a little convincing to tame it down. You have very few moments in life to live it up, but your special day should be filled with them!

Creating Wedding Memories
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We are the Beat Droppers of Wedding DJs in St. Pete Beach, FL

What is a beat dropper? Well, it isn’t a name-dropper – that is B.O.R.I.N.G. We are in the business to hype it up and keep it lit all night long. Our “club-style” approach is the result of 15 years of experience finding out what people really want, and we aren’t putting that cat back in the bag! Our display, music, and entertainment are fully customized and high-throttle – we put the electricity in the Electric Slide. No wallflowers growing on your vendor’s walls – your wedding will be participation required, no questions asked – what happens at the wedding stays at the wedding kind of thing. You got it in you?

Drop The Mike Dj Services

Streaming to Share with the Masses!

Although COVID was undoubtedly the worst time for many couples looking to tie the knot, we all made the best of it by developing ways that allowed people to celebrate even if they couldn’t attend. Born out of that need to debunk tradition was our unique and innovative app. We aren’t a wedding DJ services company in St. Pete Beach who plays by the rules or asks you to, either. You can keep downloading new songs that you want and streaming them live to a thousand or more intimate friends while the party is in session. We live no track unturned – literally and figuratively!

We Might Not Be for Everyone, But We Are Totally Good with That

We aren’t out to win a popularity contest, and we recognize that we aren’t for everyone. And we are totally good with that! If we find that perhaps we aren’t the right fit, we will be glad to refer you to someone who is. We only smile when you smile, and you only smile when we are shining – get the gist? This is your special day, so let’s light it up and keep it hopping till dawn. We don’t believe in the status quo and it SHOWS…

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