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Whose Day Is It? Yours! Drop the Mike is a MUST Choice for Your Wedding DJ in Savannah, GA

Your wedding day is YOUR big day, but what a bride and groom want is often put on the back burner in an attempt to satisfy the masses. When it comes to musical preferences, playing it safe is not being true to who you are. You only get one shot at tying the knot (well, one shot at your first knot, anyway), so create the memories you want by hiring a wedding DJ in Savannah who is everything you dreamed of and more. The reality is, once your guests wake up the morning after, your wedding is all but gone other than the memories. We want you to wake up the morning after and recount the many, many spectacular ways you could not have done anything better.

Not Just Music - An Entire DJ Spectacle

Any wedding DJ in Savannah can bring some speakers, a Bluetooth streaming device, and announce the wedding party (unless you have a really complicated last name, then that might be a hurdle). What we do at Drop the Mike Productions is an entirely new approach to wedding DJ services. We are a company that combines everything you love about being on the club scene with creating wedding memories that last. Just because you wear white doesn’t mean you can’t let your wild side out. When the music begins, it is time to let loose and let the crazy out of the closet (in the best way possible).

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Your Nuptials are Not for Others!

Your relationship is you and your fiancé against the world, good, bad, or indifferent, and your wedding should be, too. You aren’t putting on a show for your family and friends; you are celebrating you and your partner – period. The only ones you are obligated to impress are…well, NO ONE. When you tell the story of the night you said “I do,” you DO want to make sure that you can say “It was the best night of my entire life.” You can’t do that if you curb the fun or put the brakes on the excitement! There are very few days in life, as an adult, where you make decisions based on what you want – but your wedding day is one of them! Don’t settle for tame or lame – light it up!

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We Are the Beat Droppers of Wedding DJs in Savannah!

What does that mean exactly? Unlike name-droppers (because that stuff’s hard to listen to), we are beat droppers. We make sure to hype things up, get the party started, and keep you raving from beginning to end. Our “club-style” approach gets everyone on the dance floor – well, besides those you don’t want to be there because their dancing is, well, somewhat disturbing…

Our 15 years of experience doesn’t age us out of the scene. We are the Discovery Land Rover – highly sought, fully customizable, and totally badass! Unlike the Land Rover, however, we are meant to bump and grind gears. We put the “electric” in the Electric Slide and pick on wallflowers by calling them out and getting them outside their comfort zone. After all, it is all about leaving your reservations at the door – weddings don’t need them!

We Might Not Be for Everyone, But We Are SO Good with That

Just like every tradition and trend, we might not be for everyone…and not only are we good with that, we are glad to refer you to someone who’s more your speed. Our number-one goal in being your wedding DJ in Savannah, GA is to give you what you want – it is as simple as that. We offer an alternative to the status quo by pushing the envelope as far as you’re comfortable with and sometimes maybe a little bit further…
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