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Whose Day Is It? Yours! Drop the Mike is the MUST-Have Wedding DJ in Charleston, SC!

Your wedding day is just like you – one of a kind! And as such, you should have it go exactly as you want, from walking down the aisle to being whisked away on your honeymoon. It isn’t your time to care for the masses or worry whether they are having a good time. The reality is that if you are having fun, they will too – and well, if they aren’t, that ain’t on you! You only get one shot at your first wedding (which is hopefully your last), so don’t play it safe – just light it up as you’ve always dreamed. We want you to wake up the next morning saying to yourself, “Hell yeah, that was the ride of a lifetime!”

Not Just A Charleston Wedding DJ; We’re an Entire Show!

Unlike most wedding DJs in Charleston, we don’t just show up with a Bluetooth speaker and a mix list. We show up with our dancing shoes ready to stomp the dance floor! Our job isn’t to murder y’all’s names and then keep quiet – our job is to get everyone on the dance floor twerking – go ahead, we won’t judge! What we offer at Drop the Mike Productions is an entirely new approach to wedding DJs, where wedding meets club. Sure, you might be wearing white, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little down and dirty! We want you to let the crazy out of the closet – you’re married now, so you can do that!

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Your Nuptials are Not For Others!

We get it – Grams isn’t too excited about loud music and light displays, but she will probably be putting on her blue blockers and finding an exit when the sun goes down (she doesn’t drive so well in the dark), so why are you gonna arrange your fun around her? It is your awesome day and the only ones that you should be concerned about are you, yourself, and your new spouse! We are ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime. Trust us? Well, you really shouldn’t! It isn’t time to settle for lame – Drop the Mike is the fun-setter name (to remember, did you see that? I just rhymed…)!

Wedding DJ Charleston SC

We are the Beat Droppers of Wedding DJs in Charleston, SC!

What is worse than a name-dropper? Nada. We made a name for ourselves by being the kings of beat droppers! Our number-one priority is hyping things up with our “club-style” approach. Our show is fully customizable to your liking; bumping and grinding is a must, though, so that is non-negotiable. We are a talented group – and handsome too, if I might add – with 15 years of experience in the DJ industry. Over the years we have seen trends and styles come and go; the one thing that is constant is a couple’s desire to please everyone while also pleasing themselves. We say screw ‘em, it is all about you, baby!

We Might Not Be for Everyone, but We Are SO Good with That

What we have also learned over the years is that we are not a good fit for everyone, and we are all right with that. As much as you might think us pushing the envelope is further than you think is appropriate, we think that a stale time ain’t our time. If we believe that we aren’t a good match, we are totally good with that and will be happy to refer you to another talented wedding DJ services in Charleston, SC! We want you to be happy – that is our number-one priority. SO if you are ready to get lit from sundown to sun-up, let’s do this!

Contact us to reserve your date today and let’s discuss how we’ll get your party started in Charleston, SC!