Need a Wedding DJ in Savannah, GA?

One of the biggest – and sometimes the hardest – decisions for couples planning a wedding is whether they should hire a band or a DJ. Each has pros and cons depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Choose Wisely – It Ain’t As Easy As Just Spinning Records…

One of the biggest – and sometimes the hardest – decisions for couples planning a wedding is whether they should hire a band or a DJ. Each has pros and cons depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create. Great DJs are musically diverse and know what cues to watch for to seamlessly connect to and interact with their crowd and get people out on the dance floor.

People enjoy and interact with music in a variety of ways – some love to dance, some prefer to sing along, and others enjoy simply listening. The difference between amazing and passable entertainment is providing something for everyone so each person feels included in the celebration. If you are going the DJ route, then the professional(s) that you choose will affect not just your evening, but your entire celebration! Look for these four things before choosing your wedding DJ in Savannah, GA! Remember, you only get one shot…

1. It is All About the Personality

Just like you, entertainers are unique! A “one-size-fits-all” DJ does not exist. A personality mesh matters more than most folks realize! Your entertainer and their presence should feel good. If you meet with someone and you feel tense around them, that’s a red flag! Have you ever had someone request to work with you based on your astrological sign? We have.

Some folks want the super swaggy and personable Libra. Others prefer the ultra-organized and bubbly Aries or the sweet & lovable Leo.

We can all rock a party, but we are all completely unique… just like you! We help maintain the balance by ensuring your guests have a wonderful time, and that you feel like absolute royalty.

Whoever you ultimately entrust with your wedding entertainment, remember: it is your day. Do your thang – twerk it if you got it! Personality means everything when it comes to setting a vibe or atmosphere – make sure your DJ knows how to use their personality to get the party started!

2. Find Someone as Enthusiastic as You!

Is there anything worse than a DJ who refuses to play what you want, doesn’t allow people to recommend songs, or plays the wrong song at the wrong time? The person you hire to be your wedding DJ in Savannah, GA should be all smiles and just as happy to be there as you and your guests. No watching clocks or sitting on your cell phone with the right DJ. You want a DJ who is as invested in your wedding day as you are! A DJ is not just there to play a playlist – they should set the tone for the whole wedding day. We get on the dance floor, get down on the dance floor, do it all on the dance floor!

3. Cost Is Definitely Important, But Not Enough to Be Your Deciding Factor

When you’re planning a wedding, it is easy for your budget to get out of control and before you know it, you can forget about the house and college savings. It is important to put things into perspective and realize that it is just one day in your life. But at the same time, it is THE biggest day in your life.

Prioritize those things that you will remember and that it’s okay to spend a little more on, and forget about the things that will be forgotten as soon as the lights go out in the reception area. You do get what you pay for when it comes to entertainment, so hire a wedding DJ who makes your heart thump (for reals). When your guests come back and tell you how amazing the DJ was, it will be all worth it!

4. Experience Does Matter

It isn’t a fantastic idea to hire that guy or gal who has been doing this so long they bring their six-CD changer (you probably don’t even know what that is), but experience does matter. Being a DJ is about more than just choosing records and letting it ride. You have to know when to slow it down, when to speed it up, and most importantly, know the bride and groom and cater to their needs. If you hire someone without experience, things can go terribly south really quickly, and not the Savannah kind of South (which is way cool, BTW). Find a 5-star wedding DJ who has 5-star wedding reviews and the experience to back it up.

If you are planning a wedding in Savannah, GA, you have so many choices to make that it can be overwhelming. There are some decisions that make no difference to the overall experience, and others that will become the focal point of that experience. Your DJ will run the show and is going to be one of the most memorable parts of your day. At Drop The Mike Productions, we are the most entertaining wedding DJs in Savannah, GA. Just ask around—from Charleston, SC to South Florida all the way to the West Coast, Drop the Mike has your wedding covered. Let’s have an unforgettable wedding together.

Contact us today and let us get the party started – things are about to get hot in here.